about our preschool

First Presbyterian Church Preschool has been providing local families with a quality educational experience full of love and learning for over 65 years. Here at First Pres.Preschool, we foster a love of learning through a play based, nurturing environment.  Our overall goal is for every child to have a fulfilling first educational experience where they feel loved, secure and confident.  We encourage children to develop relationships and respect the feelings of their peers, work on problem solving, and above all learn how to express themselves in positive ways. Our school wide curriculum builds upon itself each year, creating the academic foundation for a successful transition and experience in Kindergarten.   

First Presbyterian Church Preschool welcomes students of any race, color, nationality, religious or ethnic origin; we offer programming for children 12 months to 5 years old. Our Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:5, 1:7 depending on age/class size. All teachers hold a Master's Degree in Education. All faculty are First Aid and CPR certified.


Our Time 
9:15 - 11:30

Toddler Class
Tuesday & Thursday
9:15 - 11:30

2 Day Three Year Old Class
Monday & Wednesday
9 - 11:30

3 Day Three Year Old Class
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
9:00 - 11:30

4 Day Pre-Kindergarten Class
Monday - Thursday
9:00 - 11:45

Enrichment Fridays (an optional STEM based class on Fridays for our Pre-K students)  
9:00 - 11:30

what's happening?
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what makes us different

Character Assembly's: At First Presbyterian Preschool, we understand that we are not only educating students, but providing children with their first educational experience.  We want them to feel nurtured and respected as people while they are here, and take those skills with them as they move into the world around them.  During our monthly Character Trait Assemblys, traits such as Cooperation, Giving, Sharing, Respect, and Perserverance are explored on an age appropriate level with a short story and activity. 

Gym: Another unique opportunity we offer our preschool students is a weekly gym class during the months of November through March. Our 3 year old classes have gym once a week, while our Pre-K classes enjoy gym twice a week. We are very fortunate to have a certified gym teacher who provides 30 minutes of organized gross motor activites; playing games, basketball, soccer, etc.  Our children LOVE their gym class!   

Outdoor Play and Indoor Recess:  We are very fortunate to have a large, beautiful, fenced in playground and we make use of it all year long!  We know little bodies need to move and pride ourselves in making sure our students get outside almost every day.  Even throughout the winter! When severe cold or rain keeps us in, we still have recess down in our "gym" with mats, slides, and all kinds of gross motor skills play.   

Nut-Free: Keeping each and every one of our students safe at school is our top priority.  First Presbyterian Preschool works diligently to assure all our snacks during school are nut free. 

Parent Involvement: Our school welcomes and encourages our parents, and grandparents, to participate in their child's preschool experience.  We love help on field trips of all kinds, planning special preschool events, classroom activities, and helping out as a "Gym Parent". Parents are very important in making their child's preschool experience the best it can be! 


5 Day Pre-Kindergarten
($150 Deposit, $250/Month, Aug - May)

4 Day Pre-Kindergarten
($150 Deposit, $200/Month, Aug - May)

3 Day Three Year Old
($150 Deposit, $145/Month, Aug - May)

2 Day Three Year Old
($150 Deposit, $95/Month, Aug - May)

($150 Deposit, $95/Month, Aug - May)

Our Time 
($50 Deposit, $40/Month, Sep - May)

There is a $35.00 Application Fee, (the application fee and deposit are NON-Refundable).

Second Child Discount: a 10% discount will be applied to the second child attending in the same school year from one family.

*Scholarships are limited and are based on need*